• Ravy Truchot | Entrepreneur, Investor, Visionary



It was extremely inspiring to work with the leaders at Microsoft and Amadeus. However, I remember the overwhelming urge to create my own company to fulfill the unique vision and strategy I was starting to develop. I’ve always been passionate about the way technology can positively impact lives helping to bring a little enjoyment to everyone I just needed to be independent and live the adventure.

“I love to undertake, and understand every industry and I refuse to be left behind …”

…… For this reason I diversify my companies. I’ve always defined myself as an entrepreneur. I have launched three major companies, SkyRecon Systems, Touchvibes and Blackdivine and I am very fortunate and proud that the first two ventures were sold to the leaders of their industry and the third continues a rapid growth year after year.

My start up experiences will always be dear to my heart. When we launched Skyrecon Systems, we managed to raise $10M and expanded to Paris, London, San Francisco and New York. We were competing with large, powerful companies such as Microsoft or Cisco. It was hard to believe we could disrupt the market, but we didn’t have that attitude at the time. We continued our aggressive ambitions that not only lead to profits, but also got us nominated as Magic Quadrant of Gartner Group as visionaries. I’ll always be proud that we achieved this success with thousands less resources than our competitors.

“I like to disturb the status quo and I like adversity.”

My passion will always be to lead companies to the top of their industries while using limited resources and achieving sustainable growth. Blackdivine Group is the obvious choice for my most successful venture considering that we have launched a series of successful and profitable brands. During this time I have expected from my team to be passionate, faithful, smart, ambitious, and independent. I am grateful that they continue to exceed my expectations and made work enjoyable, rewarding, and stimulating. We don’t put up with lying, hysteria, or anything that disrupts a positive, stimulating work environment. I am passionate, demanding, determined, creative, and sometimes stubborn. Some might look at those traits as weak, but over the years I have harnessed them to create strength from my emotions.

“I like people who are passionate, visionary and ready to move mountains.”

I decided to move to the United States with my family because I like this country’s grit, passion, and freedom. I appreciate the emphasis on freedom to undertake, initiate and create. In addition, the business atmosphere is relaxed though very competitive. I never feel limited here, and love how success is appreciated. For entrepreneurs, it’s easy to stay enthusiastic and optimistic. I continue to invest in Europe because in my opinion there is no limit, or barrier to opportunities… I enjoy taking risks, because any profit without risk is probably too small to matter. I will continue to launch businesses as long as I have this vision.

“My only professional ambition is to enjoy what I am doing and stay passionate about my projects.”

On a more personal level, my true ambition is to see my children grow old and pass on the passion of entrepreneurship. Aside from work I like politics, understand financial markets, and I religiously follow the news. My hobbies include architecture, design, cars, sports and I like to contemplate the mystery and joy of reality..